what is the meaning of Dndoon?

DNDOON is descriptive term with a deep meaning that embodies all the meanings of pride and magnanimity, dndoon always with all love ,today we rise by everything we offer through you by dndoon application

our story in a nutshell

A tiny dream form in providing (excellence) service it takes on it shoulder uplifting the level of packing and orders delivery .In beginning of 2018 the idea saw the light from dnadeen young adults they believe that delivery service should make the hard equation ( win win situation ) by providing best deal with excellence service , today we can say #Be_Dndoon

our pride

To be a leading entity in the region and we remain the best , the all our focus and effort is on smart delivery methods

our shoulders

Rising the efficiency of delivery service in the region and providing solutions of clarity , simplicity and honesty

our goals

We make delivery experience valuable , enjoyable and win-win for all parties